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Subject Matter Tests

The Following Tests are Available as PDFs.

Students are expected to achieve a certain level of competency in each subject by the end of each grade. This achievement is measured in California by standardized tests: STAR tests. Sample STAR tests are available for download at the official California Department of Education site. The results of these tests show gaps in understanding that might be influencing your child’s performance in school.

For the purpose of an evaluation, I would prefer that you use the tests below. You need only to complete the tests that are at your child’s grade level and those directly below the current school grade level. If you don’t see a test you need, please email: OWerby@EdEvaluation.com

Please take a reasonable amount of time to complete these tests—I am more interested in accuracy than speed. Include all interim steps and reasoning right on the test paper. I need to see how the child arrived at the answer, the thinking process, and the neatness of notation. DO NOT grade the tests prior to handing them in to me. I will provide you with a complete list of wrong and right answers in the final report. Self-grading will make it impossible to use the test for the purpose of this evaluation.

Please fax your completed tests to: (415) 704-3470